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Keurig E-Commerce Experience

Creating an e-commerce experience that puts the user first

In 2014, I was lead UX designer on a team redesigning Keurig’s e-commerce site. The primary goal of the project was to create a cohesive responsive e-commerce experience. The secondary goal was to address the brand strategy of Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee.

The project was initiated by hosting a user journey-mapping session at Havas. This session validated a Functional Requirements Document (RFD) that listed the initial features that the experience was to have.


The features were grouped into “chapters” of the user journey. Participant then took one of three personas that were developed with data provided by the client through the journey.

Features were mapped to each persona and then prioritized.

The prioritized features list was then evaluated by representatives of the development team and given a time estimation. This enabled the team to divide features into: MVP features to be built for launch, Second iteration features to be implemented 3-6 months after initial launch, and Third iteration features to be implemented another 3-6 months after that.

The MVP Information Architecture and site structure was then designed around the features and persona goals. The data structure included a robust tagging and navigation system that allowed different personas to navigate the site in different ways.

IA Diagram by Chia Yung Hee

Information Architecture diagram by Chia Yung Hee http://www.yungheechia.com/

Once the IA was finalized, work began on the initial wireframes for top priority pages such as Home, Brewer Home, and Flavor Home pages.

HomeHome Page

Home-DashboardHome page with drop down dashboard. The goal was to get the user engaged in customizing their experience right away.

SystemsSingle system, brewer-finder page

flavorsFlavors Page – sub-landing page. Flavors contained a robust filtering mechanism and customization engine that recommended  flavors based on user input.