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NYC Half Marathon App

NYRR – NYC Half Marathon App

I worked with Doublespace to plan the UX design of a mobile app for the 2013 NYC Half Marathon. Art Direction was provided by Asher Sarlin. The app was targeted primarily towards runners, but was also intended to be useful for spectators to track runners in the race.

The app was also integrated with RunTheCity and featured localized deals for users. The app was developed for iPhone and Android platforms.


2013-03-01 17.18.24

The intro screen for the app


2013-02-15 13.19.18

Tracking runners in real time

2013-02-15 13.19.03



The list of runners you are currently tracking


2013-02-15 13.19.32

The race calendar overview

2013-02-15 13.21.28

Race events detail screen.