UX, Product, Service Design

For the last 14 years, I have helped to simplify complex problems for users. I bring a holistic, empathetic approach to designing intuitive, appropriate solutions. I began my career as a graphic designer and still strive to maintain a high level of visual integrity with everything I touch.

What are my Design Principles?

Understanding the Problem is the key to creating effective Solutions

  – Get to know the user and have empathy for their situation. Think about the broader context of their lives.

  – Identify Key stakeholders and collaborate with them. Bring them into the process to build consensus.

  – Make sure we are doing it right! Validate the work as we go. Get in front of users early and often.

I currently live in Richmond, VA and am working for Capital One. 

UX Design

I am a designer who loves to get his hands dirty. I take pride in the craft of design—whether it is Wireframes, User Journey Maps, Presentations, or spreadsheets that seek to make sense of the complex.

Workshop Facilitation

I love working with groups. I pride myself on being an experienced “Cat Wrangler” who can get actionable results from groups of people collaborating to solve real problems.


How are we telling the story of the work. Are we explaining the context? What it means to the user? How it will impact real people?